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Mac keylogger software is incorporated with specialist surveillance mechanism to record all typed key strokes and internet activities performed by the users in real time on Mac OS installed Machine. Sophisticated OS X keylogger software is devised with latest methodology that automatically monitors various activities including clipboard contents, chat records, visited website, USB removable media (including thumb drives, jump drives, key chain drives, flash drives and other similar removable devices) insertion and removable activities. Professional Mac spyware program secretly monitors user activities and runs in hidden mode so user cannot detect the software installation.

Software Features:-

  • Most attractive graphical user interface
  • No technical assistance is required to operate the software
  • Easy to use and affordable to use Mac keylogger software
Mac log Manager
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Superior monitoring software for Mac is enclosed with screenshot capturing feature that easily capture screenshots including Skype video screenshots with best monitoring results. Now you can easily find out what is going on your Mac machine when you are away with excellent use of keylogger Mac OSX software.
  • Keystrokes recording:- Easy to use keylogger OS X software aids user to record all typed keystrokes on Mac OS installed machines.
  • Internet activities recording:- Specialist keylogger OSX utility perfectly monitors internet activities such as chat conversations, visited URLs, email and other activities performed by the user on Mac machines.
  • Password Protected:- Best featured key logging software is password protected that prevents unauthorized software access or changes in program settings.
  • Screenshot capturing feature:- Expertise Mac key logger utility captures screenshots along with the Skype Video screenshots periodically.
  • Record USB removable device insertion and deletion activities:- Efficient spying software is fully capable to record any types of USB devices (like flash drive, pen drive, thumb drive and other similar device) insertion and deletion activities.
  • Report generation facility:- Reliable Mac key logger software easily generates reports of log in html file format so that you can easily find out entire external user activities on Mac Machine.

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